Section Information

Section Information

2021 Executive Committee

Terms ending 12/31/21

Terms ending 12/31/22


Law School Contacts

  • Jacob D. Gates, President, Veterans and Family Student Assoc., University of Oregon
  • Hi’ilei M. Haru, Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Jessica E. Watkins, President, Military Veterans Law Assoc., Willamette University College of Law

Oregon State Bar Contacts

  • Joseph Hesbrook Board of  Governors Contact
  • Troy Wood Oregon State Bar Staff Liaison
  • Natalie Batiste Oregon State Bar Staff Liaison

Join the Military and Veterans Law Section

Regular Membership:  $25 annually

Free Membership:

  • New lawyers (first year of admission to Oregon)
  • Judges
  • Law students

Click here to check your section memberships and join other sections through the fee payment site or call the OSB office for information on section participation: (503) 620-0222 or (800) 452-8260, ext. 385 or email Natalie Batiste, Member Services Section Specialist, at [email protected]

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